Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Slush

This recipe was given to my by my oldest friend, about 15 years ago.  She said that she made this every year at Christmastime.  I made it for a few years at Christmas and I finally thought "why am I saving this only for Christmas? This is a truly summery treat!".  I use empty plastic ice cream containers to keep the frozen slush in.  I like to have it in the freezer year round.  It's great for children and adults alike.  I like it diluted with ginger ale, sprite or 7up.  It's equally as nice when you add a splash of rum! 


Mix, Boil and Cool -  

4 cups sugar
6 cups water

Blend Smooth -

5 ripe bananas
1 tin of frozen lemonade
2 tins of frozen orange juice
1 - 40 oz. can of pineapple juice

Mix syrup with fruit mixture and freeze.  Make 12 pints.  To serve, mix equal amounts of slush mixture with 7up, ginger ale, wink etc.



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